#MotiviationalMonday: Imagination

#MotivationalMonday Imagination | Moonlight Chai

I’ve learned a lot from babysitting over the years – like how to change a diaper, how to settle kids down and that there really is a such thing as too much sugar before bed – but one thing I can’t seem to learn is how to play using my imagination.

It’s kind of odd that it’s so difficult to do since playing make believe is something I used to do so often as a kid. I think everyone played school or house, you probably even used pretend the that the floor was lava at one point or another. Now obviously as you get older you grow out of the pretending phase, that’s normal, but what dawned on me is when we lose pretending phase we are slowly loosing our sense of imagination.

I think it’s so important that we work on maintaining our sense of imagination through adulthood. Imaging is what helps new ideas to form, new inventions to be made, helps get us get out of tricky situations and basically frees us from all limitations. I think imagining adventures and inventions help keep you feeling young.

#MotivationalMonday Imagination | Moonlight Chai

For this #MotiviationalMonday spend a little time imagining!

Do you feel like you need to regain a sense of imagination? Let me know on Twitter by tagging @embolannd and using the hashtag #MotivationalMonday!

Have a great Monday Moonlight Chaiers!

love always xx em

Where I have been and where I am going

meHello Moonlight Chai-ers! (that might not be as catchy as I wanted it to be)

Happy Monday!

As I was eating my lunch today I found my mind wondering off and then bam… “CRAP, when was the last time I posted on Moonlight Chai?” I thought maybe it was a week ago, but when I went to look I realized I haven’t actually posted anything since the beginning of April. This is by far the longest I have gone without posting, and for that I sincerely apologize.

Where has the time gone? Why haven’t I been posting? Well it’s really no excuse but I haven’t had motivation to drum up interesting content. However the writers block is over! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am working (at a job I LOVE btw) and don’t have the time to post as much as I did before. But that doesn’t mean I should stop posting all together! I’ve got a couple interesting ideas up my sleeves and I can’t wait to show them all to you.

One thing I am really excited about is the one year anniversary of Moonlight Chai. The first year has really been me muddling around and testing the blogging waters. Now that I have a better hand at it, I’m planning a massive re-branding and re-design for this baby’s one year birthday in July. I’m totally open to suggestions so please share ideas!

We’ll back for work to me, but I just wanted to give you all a mini-update as to where I have been and where I am planning to go with MC!

Love always. em

#MotivationalMonday: Focus on you

Big or small, everyone wants something. They want something from you. Your day probably consists of people asking things of you: left, right,and centre. Maybe your trainer wants you to be leaner, or your friends want you to attend a party. Everybody wants something, and I’ll bet nine times out of ten you do your best to give it to them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. But what I’ll also bet is that in those nine times you did your best to make everyone else happy, some of those times you forgot to do what makes you happy.

What does make you happy? Reading a book, working out, having a bath? Well, when was the last time you really did that? Probably a while ago. So much of your day revolves around doing what other people want–doing what you think will make them proud, or make you like you more–that you forget to do what will make YOU like you more.

Yes, there is a sort of pride in doing what others want of you. It’s okay to do that! All I’m saying is that you NEED to take the time each day to focus on yourself too. Ask yourself the big questions “what do I want?” or “what do I need” and then do it! This is something I’ve been doing for a while and I find it really helpful.

Doing this has really helped me. It has allowed me to figure out my job goals and blogging goals. It has allowed me to do what I know is best for me. Now I’m so happy diving into PR work and am literally loving every minute of it.

Figure out what you want. Set your goals.  Once you take the time for yourself I bet it’ll be easier to help others with what they want. Don’t forget about you.

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Focus on you | Moonlight Chai

The Perfect Chignon

My hair is almost always up. As much as I love it long, it drives me crazy when I’m trying to work, exercise and sleep. I’m always on the hunt for cute easy to do updo and I thought I would share my most recent one with you.

I found this “Low-Rolled Updo” on LuLu*s and loved it so much I had to create my own. Of course mine isn’t anywhere near as professional looking as theres…but I still think it turned out pretty nice.

Here’s how to create the perfect chignon.

The Perfect Chignon | Moonlight ChaiStep 1- My hair is super thin, so I added two extension trains to the back of my hair

Step 2- Tease hair at the crown, and pull into a loose low pony *TIP loose is key!

Step 3- Pull hair apart above the elastic, and pull your pony through to create a topsy (yes that’s a word LOL). Repeat

Step 4- Place your fingers at your topsy and use them to wrap your hair into another topsy

Step 5- Continue rolling until you get to the end of your pony

Step 6- Secure with bobbypins and hair spray

What’s your favourite easy updo?

OOTD: 1960’s Twiggy Inspired

OOTD: 1960s Twiggy Inspired

OOTD: 1960s Twiggy Inspired

OOTD: 1960s Twiggy Inspired

 Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Boots: Michael Kors | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

I originally picked up this super cute dress from Urban Outfitters because it covers two of my favourite current trends- grids and mock turtlenecks. Who doesn’t love those?! What I didn’t realize was that when I went to style the outfit with my MK boots (always on repeat), it would take me back in time.

This look really channelled a 1960s Twiggy-esque style that I just couldn’t resist! If there is one thing I love about fashion it’s that it repeats itself, so you can always grab inspo from your favourite decades! Seriously, check out the comparison photo… the styles are so similar.

OOTD: 1960s Twiggy Inspired

If you love this look as much as I do, make sure to shop it below!

Bringing back #MotivationalMonday

Bringing back Motivational Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a #MotivationalMonday post, but I think it’s time to bring them back. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen this photo and the long written post to go along with it. I wanted to go more into detail about how I’m feeling here and why I think #MotivationalMondays are so important.

Since I started Moonlight Chai, (back in July WOW) I’ve been on and off going through rough patches with my anxiety. I had originally started this blog as a place for positive thought and to talk about facing life head on. Somehow, I fell into focusing on material goods: spending money on new clothes for #OOTDs and making my blog and Instagram look fancy so people will actually view it. I lost track of my yoga practice and my positive thinking strategies. Now, this isn’t to say I’m not happy, in ways I’m happier than I ever have been, but it is to say that I have lost tack of a lot of elements that make me happy as well.

While, I still want to cover fashion and beauty, I want to make sure my blog also conveys my real life. I want to cover yoga, positive thinking and of course #MotivationalMonday. I also want to start covering my health journey. I’ve gained some weight due to anxiety medication and unhealthy eating habits (to many brunches for Instagram perhaps LOL). I plan to work hard to lose it and hopefully share it with you all.

I want to take the time to catch up on all the things I’ve forgotten to make time for and share them all with you. Writing #MotivationalMonday, helps to keep be grounded, and remember that positive thoughts create a positive life.

If you have something motivational you want to share, or you want to chat about this post tweet me @embolannd and use the hashtag #MotivationalMonday

Stay positive. Stay motivated.

Spring Trends Collaboration

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for a routine switch up. My friend Krystin, blogger at Girl in Betsey, and I have gotten a head start on spring trends and we want to share them with you!

Lets get started with makeup!

After checking out Harpers Bazaar article on The Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2015, I wanted to try out a few trends for myself. In the tutorial below you’ll notice I focused two major trends: bright lips, and perfect lines. Follow the tutorial and try out this spring look for yourself!

Spring Trends Collaboration | Moonlight Chai1. As you can see, I’ve already applied foundation and filled in my eyebrow

2. I added a lip plumper. I did it before doing the rest of my makeup, to give it time to start working. I like this one.

3. Then I covered my eyelids with a white matte powder. I like Foxy from this palette.

Spring Trends Collaboration4. Now I achieved the perfect lines look by doing a simple cat eye. I used this liquid liner. Continue reading

Leather and Sweats

Leather and Sweats | Moonlight Chai

Leather and Sweats | Moonlight Chai

Leather and Sweats | Moonlight Chai

Jacket: Similar | Shirt: Topshop | Plaid: Aritzia | Pants: Forever21 *ON SALE | Shoes: Nike

Yesterday, was FINALLY a warmer day. Knowing that spring is on the horizon is a huge spirit lifter! Now, I’m just waiting for the snow to melt and the buds to bloom. I’m already making my list of things to do once it’s warm enough.

Lets take a look at the OOTD. Thanks to the corporative weather, I was able to swap out my usual parka for an edgy leather jacket. The best thing about the leather jacket is that there are so many ways to wear it. You can pair it with boyfriend jeans, a girly dress, even a simple graphic tee. I chose to give the look a more sporty vibe with some salt and pepper joggers and a plaid shirt tired at the waist.

No matter how you wear it, the leather jacket adds the perfect amount of edge to every outfit. Continue reading

Spring Ahead

Spring Ahead | Moonlight Chai

March is here, which means spring is on it’s way. The snow is melting, the sun is shining…okay so I’m getting a little ahead of myself, it’s still freezing out, but I’m hopeful. Spring coming means that I can start taking OOTD’s outside without freezing my arse off.

I wanted to thank all my readers for sticking with me even when I didn’t post anything this week. I have been so busy and I honestly didn’t even have a chance to check the blog! I know, I should have pre-scheduled posts ready to go for when I’m busy, but I like to make my posts the day of so that you get a current update on what I’m wearing or what is going on in my life.

I do have big things planned for Moonlight Chai this month. Look out for an amazing spring trend collaboration, a really cool Instagram contest and some great OOTDs (yes I ordered more clothes). In the mean time, check out this blog post I wrote for my work, Shine PR, about planning a crazy cool photo shoot here!

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